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The performance cycle ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ was originally developed during Jokhova's residency with CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam in 2017. It was devised to the architecture of the site and was staged by non-professional performers.
The first performance took place on the afternoon of Friday 21 April 2017 on the Monument Bijlmerramp - ‘Het Groeiend Monument’, Amsterdam. In ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone: Bijlmer’ 3 local women dressed in clothing made from building materials posed as buildings whilst carrying out actions that mimicked household chores. The women represent stages of Bijlmer’s development and redevelopment. They rolled out lengths of clay on a concrete platform; wrapped debris from an original Bijlmer building in clay as if cocooning it in fabric, and rest within the architecture of the site. Each task carried out for repeated from 7 minutes after which the performers switched tasks and continued on a loop for 1.5 hours. The length of the overall performance is variable.

The performance cycle ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ devised to be adaptable to the existing architecture of multiple sites and staged using non-professional performers was restaged as part of the public programme at Passen-gers London for ArtLicks in September 2017.The performance traces the historic tendencies of large-scale Modernist developments being designed, developed and regenerated by predominantly male-led architecture bureaus where 3 female performers represent these stages: design, development and regeneration. Mimicking household chores they take to building and regeneration by rolling out lengths of clay on a concrete walkway, wrapping debris from an original 60’s buildings in the clay sheets as if cocooning it in fabric, and resting on concrete slabs.