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A series of stacked objects exploring the relationship between social relics, the cultural significance of stone, sacred objects, assemblages for pilgrimage and monuments in contemporary culture through physicality, balance, aesthetic, mimicry and materiality.

Taking root from cairns (a cairn is a human-made stack of stones), the ongoing series manifests itself as assemblages from using various techniques to represent stones including, linoleum flooring panels, rocks, fur, cement casts, polystyrene, foam, tv monitors, mouldings, plaster, oil paint, acrylic polymers and stone effect paint.

With reference to the multitude of cairns found in the Cycladic Islands of Greece and the eastern coast of Turkey, their spiritual history and evolved contemporary mythology the objects explore the use, mythology, social significance, politics and aesthetics of stone as well as the legacy of sculpted stone.

+ short background on CAIRNS

Images courtesy Evy Jokhova and Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

Images courtesy of Lisa Kandlhofer Gallery