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May-Oct 2023: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
Jun-Oct 2023: Three Colours: Shadow, Galeria Municipal Almada, Portugal
August 2023: Garp Sessions, Babakale, Turkey

1 February 2023: Metabolic Procession (w. Jamie Allen), Bauhaus of the Seas, European Bauhaus, Lisboa, Portugal (cur. Mariana Pestana)
2022-23: Three Colours: Green, 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal (solo)
2022: Folding Seasons (with Paulius Petraitis), House of Histories at the Lithuanian National Museum, Vilnius, LT
2022: Reserch residency at Centro Selva Arte e Ciencia, Ucayali, Peru
2021-22: WOTRUBA. Himmelwärts, Belvedere Museum, Vienna, AT (cur. Gabrielle Stöger-Spevak)

2021: Handle with Care, Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, PT (cur. Ana Cristina Cachola)
2021: Uma Cobra Naturalmente Falsa (wtih Mane Pacheco), Balcony Gallery, Lisbon, PT (cur. Ana Cristina Cachola)
2021: Ponto d’Orvalho, Freixo de Meio, Alentejo, PT (cur. Joana Horta, Leonor Carrilho & Sergio Hydalgo)
2021: World of Estrangement, Supersonic Project, PT (cur. Dasha Birukova) 
2021: Art in the Plague Year, UCR California Museum of Photography, CA, US (cur. Douglas McCulloh, Nikolay Maslov & Rita S. Souther)

2020: On Photographic Beings, Latvian National Museum, Riga, LT (cur. Paulius Petraitis)
2020: Dear Image, Part II, 3+1 Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon, PT
2020: Nuovo Cinema Galleria, Galeria Vera Cortes, Lisbon, PT (cur. Orsola Vannocci)

2019:Between these lines I operate, Galeria Foco, Lisbon, PT (solo)
2019:Magellan, Moca, London, UK (solo, online)
2019: Summer, Hogchester Arts, Dorset, UK 
2019: Podcast – talking to Marlin Nova about 'In this hot desert I miss the snow' commissioned by Yarat Contemporary Arts Centre.
2019: 'The Portion' - an interactive dinner performance in collaboration with chef Sebastien Lauret and chef/farmer Abi Glencross, staged as part of 'Sisyphus in Retrograde' (cur. Gabriella Sonabend & Aindrea Emelife) at Regents Place, London.
2019: Sisyphus in Retrograde, Regents Place, London, UK (cur. Gabriella Sonabend & Aindrea Emelife)
2019: Capitulo Um, AMAC Barreiro, PT (cur. Tim Ralston & Diana Cerenzino of PADA)
2019: Art Rotterdam (w. Filip Berendt), l’etrangere, Rotterdam, NL
2016-2019:Fellow at Royal Academy Schools