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2018 - on going series

A recreation from memory of a tapestry that the artist’s mother spent half of their entire family savings on in 1991 whilst the family was in Soviet Russia shortly before the Soviet Union collapsed and the Rouble completely devalued.
The works that form the series are tapestry-like objects created from embroidering a banner mesh with coarse wool. The banner mesh is printed with marble patterns scanned from samples of linoleum flooring and the ink that seeped through the holes of the mesh during printing onto the vinyl backing is also used as a material in the work. The works are also at times layered with plaster panels, charcoal wall drawing and extruded terrazzo concrete samples as a reference to the heavy sculptural relief frame of the original work purchased in 1991.

Charcoal on wall, wool embroidery on eco solvent banner mesh, vinyl backing, plaster cast of studio floor. Dimensions variable.