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Image courtesy William Benington Gallery.

Olympia I: site-specific sculpture and performance piece created for Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer - a sculpture park in Buckinghamshire, UK run by William Benington Gallery.

Made to the exact dimensions of an Olympic badminton net, Olympia I, references Soviet modernism and it's design influence on the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA. The printed mesh taking from of the 'net' is amalgamated from TV static taken from live badminton games where the images disintegrates into pixels. The sculpture further serves as a prop for ongoing performances where members of the public can wear costumes designed in keeping with the aesthetic of the LA Olympics and the print on the net and play badminton.

Totems: site-specific sculpture for Lisa Kandlhofer Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

A series of stacked objects exploring the relationship between social relics, the cultural significance of stone, sacred objects, assemblages for pilgrimage and monuments in contemporary culture through physicality, balance, aesthetic, mimicry and materiality.

Images courtesy of Lisa Kandlhofer Gallery