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Over the course of a several-month-long curator-in-residence programme at the Belvedere Museum Vienna / das 21er Haus, Evy Jokhova applied a transdisciplinary approach to the architecture of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, which was built in 1974 by sculptor Fritz Wotruba.

Through The Shape of Ritual, Jokhova explores connections between music, architecture, and the human body. The project is centred around the visualization of a mathematical formulas, the logic of which determines the construction of both buildings and sound compositions. The work hinges on a text by the American architectural theorist Charles Jencks, who demonstrated the ways in which architecture and music interrelate using the Pythagorean theory.

The structure of the Wotruba Church, as it is also called, was translated into music by James Metcalfe, and has been further reinterpreted as a choreographic sequence by Waltraud Brauner and Veronika Zott. The 21-minute dance is a real-time negotiation between geometric shapes through the body. Starting with the interpretation of the architecture into a visual musical score, the dancers transfer the elements of notation by movement in space.

Commissioned by Belvedere Museum Vienna | co-produced by sound:frame.

With the kind support of the Fritz Wotruba Private Foundation, the Municipality of Georgenberg (Church of the Most Holy Trinity) and Wien Kultur.

+ Listen to the music here
+ Watch a 1 minute excerpt of the performance for film here
+ Watch documentation of live performance here
+ Press release | in English | in German