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+ REVIEW: ‘Three Colours: Green’, by Miguel Pinto, Umbigo, 20 December 2023

+  INTERVIEW: Ponto d’Orvalho by Leonor Carrilho, Arts of the Working Class. 24 September 2021

+ REVIEW: ‘Uma Cobra Naturalmente Falsa’ by Miguel Mesquita, Contemporânea, 7 August 2021

+ REVIEW: ‘Three must-see exhibitions in Alvalade’ by Beatriz José, Umbigo Magazine, 8 July 2021

+PUBLICATION: ‘Art Report II’ ed. Veronica Melo & Alda Galsterer. Attitude – Interior Design, PT. Sep/Oct 2021

+ INTERVIEW: ‘I am very Influenced by the places that I live in’, by Ieva Raudsepa, Arterritory, 4 December 2020

+ REVIEW: ‘Image as substance enveloping space and place’ by Santa Hirša, Blok Magazine, 21 October 2020

+ INTERVIEW: ‘Imagining Photographic Beings’ by Maija Rudovska, echo gone wrong, Latvia, 12 October 2020

+ REVIEW: ‘Dear Image’ by José Luís Porfírio, Expresso, Portugal, 5 September 2020

+ INTERVIEW: ‘Evy Jokhova’ with Katherine Sirois, Umbigo Mazagine, Issue 72, April 2020

+ INTERVIEW: ‘Evy Jokhova’ by Pippa Eason, YAC | Young Artists in Conversation, 3 Apil 2020

+ INTERVIEW: ‘Focus: Evy Jokhova’ with Sonya Tailleur, The Other Sight Webzine, 22 Nov 2019

+ REVIEW: ‘Within these lines I operate’ by Sonya Tailleur, The Other Sight, 21 Nov 2019

+ REVIEW: ‘How do art fairs contribute to climate crisis?’ by Melanie Gerlis, Financial Times, 7 June 2019

+ INTERVIEW: ‘Sisyphus in Retrograde: Episode II, Evy Jokhova,’ podcast: talking to Marlin Nova about '’In this hot dessert I miss the snow' commissioned by Yarat Contemporary Arts Centre, 25 April 2019

+ INTERVIEW: ‘Snow in the desert: multi-disciplinary artist Evy Jokhova on cultural belonging and the natural environment’, by Sophie Breitsameter, Baku Magazine, 1 February 2019

+ REVIEW: ‘Evy Jokhova at Lily Brooke’, Art Viewer, 26 January 2019

+ INTERVIEW: Evy Jokhova: Artist Interview, by Yannis Kostarias, Art Verge, 18 January 2019

+ REVIEW: ‘Evy Jokhova: Weighed down by stones’, by Jacob Charles Wilson, thisistomorrow, 18 December 2018

+ REVIEW: ‘The Top 7 Art Exhibitions to see in London before Christmas’, by Tabish Khan, FAD Magazine, 16 December 2018

+ REVIEW: ‘Evy Jokhova's 'Weighed down by stones' at Lily Brooke, London’, by Cara Bray, AMBIT Magazine, 6 December 2018

+ REVIEW: ‘The Art Fix Gallery Guide #2’, by Chairman Kato, The Art Fix, 4 December 2018

+ REVIEW: ‘Art Picks: Winter Edition’, Boundary Magazine, 19 November 2018

+ REVIEW: ‘Andea V Wright, Evy Jokhova & Nika Neelova: Prevent this Tragedy’, Boundary Magazine, November 2018

+ REVIEW: The Metamorphosis (of Perception)’, Wall Street International, by Alice Bauer, November 2018

+ REVIEW: Prevent this Tragedy’, Selvedge Magazine, by Jessica Edney, November 2018

+ REVIEW: Top 7 exhibitions to see’, FAD Magazine, by Tabish Khan, November 2018

+ PUBLICATION: Passen-gers Series 1: The Brunswick Centre Publisher, 2018, London, UK With specially commissioned essays by Rory Olcayto, Timothy Dixon, Farrah Jarral, Paul Carey-Kent, Rory O'Connor and Francesca Girelli PETREL ISBN: 978-0-9572687-4-6

+ INTERVIEW: by Dina Varhapovsky for Assemblage Magazine. March 2018, London

+ INTERVIEW: by Nour-Lise Valette, 'Experience Series: Evy Jokhova', this surrounding us all, Brussels, Belgium, November 2017

+ INTERVIEW: Hugo Barclay & Emma Mowat, 'Evy Jokhova', Art Thou, London, September 2017

+ REVIEW: Isabella Lorenzi, 'The Manicured Wild', two-person exhibition at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Trebuchet Magazine, August 2017

+ ARTICLE: Commissioned text by Evy Jokhova 'Staccato', 3rd Dimension, May 2017

+ REVIEW: 'Staccato', by Leonie Summers, 3rd Dimension, May 2017

+ PUBLICATION: 'Architecture as Metaphor', text by Ackerman Daly & artist contributions, Griffin Gallery, London, 2017

+ REVIEW: 'Towering in the conditions of fragments' by Anya Smirnova for thisistomorrow, February 2017

+ PRESS RELEASE: Solo exhibition, 'Towering in the conditions of fragments' co-written by curator Julie Hill and Evy Jokhova for the exhibition at Passen-gers, February 2017.

+ PUBLICATION: STACCATO, made in collaboration with Marcelle Joseph Projects, printed by DRUK, London, 2016

+ PUBLICATION: MIMESIS, 2015, co-written by Evy Jokhova & Amelia Critchlow, with guest writer Becky Huff-Hunter, London, UK

+ INTERVIEW: Anna McNay, ‘Amelia Critchlow & Evy Jokhova’, Studio International, London, December 2015

+ REVIEW: Covello, E., 'MIMESIS', London Visual Arts, London, 11th December 2015

+ PUBLICATION: Yapp, 2013 edited by Noora Lamers et al., Leiden University, Netherlands

+ PUBLICATION: Plot 82, 2011, images and text by Evy Jokhova, Royal College of Art, London, UK

+ PUBLICATION: Futures, 2011, text by Sacha Craddock, Mark Leckey and Jo Stockham, Royal College of Art, London, UK

+ PUBLICATION: Book Art, 2011, edited by Paul Sloman, Gestalten, Berlin/London

+ PUBLICATION: Folio, 2011, Royal College of Art and the Royal Shakespeare Company, London, UK

+ PUBLICATION: Florence Trust, 2009, text by Kit Hammonds, Florence Trust, London, UK

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