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Enter Hermes, the god of transitions and boundaries quick and cunning, freely moving between mortal and divine worlds.
Enter Hera, the goddess, which as legend has it, put Hermes on trial for slaying her servant Argus.
Enter the jury, formed of the other gods, asked to declare their verdict by throwing pebbles at whichever god (Hermes or Hera) they deemed to be in the right.
Scene 1: Hermes argued eloquently and convincingly to the point that he was buried under a heap of pebbles. He constituted the first cairn.
This exhibition is about cairns, stones, monuments and the body.

I dance for you my edifice, a solo exhibition by London-based artist Evy Jokhova at l’etrangere gallery. The site-specific, multimedia installation, comprised of interactive sound sculptures, photographs, paintings and performance, investigates our relationship with stone — a ‘historical constant’ whose significance is simultaneously entwined with ancient mythology and contemporary obsessions with materiality and synthesis.

Drawing on references to antiquity and Greek mythology, Jokhova examines our longstanding relationship with stone in a series of interactive sculptures imbued with sound — elongated, stone-like pillars and stone stacks — that inhabit the gallery space. Despite their weighty demeanour, the sculptures are made from synthetic, light-weight materials, manipulated by Jokhova to mimic stone.

This exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council England.

Room 1 at l’etrangere gallery

Room 2 at l’etrangere gallery

Images courtesy of l'etrangere/Andy Keat