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Mirror Image, Super-8 film, 3.20min, 2020

‘Mirror Image’, commissioned by the Riga Photography Biennale 2020 and shot during the pandemic lockdown in Austria, uses the concept of mirroring in its consideration of reflection, mimicry and reproduction in photography and architecture. Three Little Pigs, digital film, 9:30min, 2013

A House for a Mouse, digital fim, 8:38min, 2015

Filmed performance of artist carving a scaled replica of the Temple of Athena Nike (on the Acropolis for the Greek goddess and patroness of her namesake city, Athens) out of a 1000 failed organic cheeses; spliced with footage shot on location at the Ancient Sanctuary of Delos, Greece.

+ Watch an excerpt here

Digital film [film stills], 8:38min. 2015

Three Little Pigs, digital film, 9:30min, 2013

A film about the ongoing battle between nature and architecture. Underpinned by research in the rural-urban pull, city planning and the organisation of societies through urbanisation, the films consider the influence that mass-scale development has on societies. Here the fable of 'Three Little Pigs' is reversed, wherein the wolf exists solely as a figment of imagination, becoming synonymous with fear represented by nature which continuously threatens to destroy and undermine the developments of megalomaniac architects personified by pigs. The film traces a panorama of utopian vision, grandeur and occasional futility.

+ Watch an excerpt from film here

Three Little Pigs, digital film [film stills], 9:30min, 2013